Looking for home improvement ideas? Why not convert your loft/attic into space you can use?

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What can you do with your new space?

A new bedroom

Do you remember that time you had guest over at your house late in the night and you wanted to offer them space to stay for the night but you didn’t have any room? well, you could change that forever. Having an extra bedroom will allow you to invite your friends and family over more often, and possibly this will help build stronger relationships.

Another reason why you might consider this is because you’re planning to begin a family and it might make the perfect space for your child future bedroom. It might be the reason you don’t have to find a new property when your future children grow up because you already have the space you need.

Everyone will love to have more space for their wardrobe, and so maybe this new space could be your new luxury walk in wardrobe. This way you can organise your clothes and shoes better and have enough room to get ready for special occasions. You could contact companies who can come to your house and give you free quotes for building a built in wardrobe around any space you possibly have. You could put a sofa in the middle of the room where you can relax and try out your clothes and it can be another social area in your house.

If none of the above applies to you then consider using the new space for your new grand bedroom proving the fact it’s bigger than your current bedroom space. Just think about the new natural light that will beam through the roof window. This new change would possibly give you a fresh mindset in the mornings.

A new office space

Are you still working from your bed? maybe it’s time to get some serious workspace. The bedroom is supposed to be a room of relaxation and a room where you find calmness, and right now your bedroom has a mixture of that and frustration. Turning this new space into your dream office space will probably bring in new positive results to your business or career because it will allow you to be more productive which means you’ll be getting things done.

If you have kids then you don’t want to exclude them from your bedroom, but that’s difficult if you’re working on something important and need absolutely no distractions, and so with a new private space you can ensure they feel welcome to your bedroom at all times and also you can then teach them to respect your privacy in your office space. If you chose to do that, then once you enter your bedroom you can just relax and not have to worry about the frustration/work in the other room (new home office).

A new storage room

Do you have junk lying around the house that you absolutely need to keep but don’t know where to put it? then maybe a storage room is what you need. This is different from a simple attic because you’re going to have it built so that each area in the available space is accessible and is built for that purpose, and so you might have shelves built into walls and other storage facilities all around the room. This way you’re probably going to have a much tidier and clean house.

A new bathroom

Do you have limited bathroom space in your house? You have probably gone to work late sometimes because someone was taking too long in the bathroom/toilet. Maybe your current space is not big enough for you to move around, and so pampering yourself just doesn’t feel the same as going to the spa. The natural light coming from the roof window will make your morning clean up even fresher. If your current space is not big enough and you’re considering a new luxury bathroom that has appealing storage space then make sure to look through many brochures for ideas and make time to visit showrooms so you can get really inspired.  

Get creative with colour and today’s modern bathroom sinks, toilets, taps and baths. A stylish and practical bathroom that makes you happy and reflects your culture/taste/lifestyle might just help you start your day more positive and energised.

Find a professional plumber who can also advise you on how you can plan your bathroom with the current plumbing systems installed in your house. Getting qualified advice will give you a peace of mind and will probably save you from making mistakes that might cost hundreds or thousands to maybe fix later.

From the toothbrush and soap holder to the rugs and shower curtain you have a lot of opportunities to get creative and make your bathroom represent your style.