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3rd Floor, Hathaway House, Popes Dr, London N3 1QF, UK

Opening Hours:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 3rd Floor, Hathaway House, Popes Dr, London N3 1QF, UK
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Transform your home into your dream space with Lccl Construction Loft Conversion Company London Limited! Our experienced team specializes in loft conversions, house extensions, and architectural design services to help you create the perfect living space. Let us bring your ideas to life! Lccl Construction Loft Conversion Company London is your go-to architecture and construction service provider. We specialize in home-improvement projects such as loft conversions, house extensions, new house builders, architectural design, house renovations and offer our services in an 85 mile radius from our offices location in Finchley, London, meaning you're never far away from our team of experienced professionals. Architectural design and construction of house extensions. Rear single storey house extensions, side house extensions, wrap around house extensions, side return house extensions, two storey house extensions. We design and build house extensions in London and Hertfordshire. Architectural design and construction of loft conversions. Dormer loft conversion, hip to gable loft conversions, L-shaped loft conversion, mansard loft conversion or velux loft conversion. We design and build loft conversions in London and Hertfordshire. Lccl construction loft conversion company design and build in London and Hertfordshire, United Kingdom is a specialist loft conversion company, house extension builders, new house builder, architectural designers and planning company. With our end to end services we successfully start and finish every one of our projects. With our design and build construction company services we can complete all the stages of your build from consultation, architecture, survey to construction including plumbing and electrical installations under one roof. Our combined services includes planning, architectural design and construction.  By providing services from start to finish we will deal with architecture, planning applications, planning negotiations, building control drawings, building control application, party wall survey and agreements, structural and construction drawings, production of the construction schedule, interior design, construction phase, dealing with building control during construction, electrical and plumbing installations, completion of the construction, certificate and Local Authority Building Control sign off.  The design and build concept means that multiple specialist skills and trades are combined into one, from start to finish we will deal with all the architecture, consultation, planning and thereafter the entirety of the  construction, saving both time and capital. We are your one stop architectural design, survey, project management, construction services company. We take care of everything required for your loft conversion, home extension or renovation project. Meaning we will complete the design phase and construction phase for you, without the need to look anywhere else and you have only one point of contact for everything. Lccl Construction Loft Conversion Company London provides the highest quality of construction and loft conversion services for homeowners who are looking to upgrade their living space. With a great track record and a professional team of experts, we offer a totally free consultation call to help you talk through ideas, issues and aims for your project. With our professional advice and expertise, you can take one step closer to achieving the home of your dreams! Book a free consultation call now and let us help you make it happen. Curious about the cost of your loft conversion, house extension or renovation? With our online quote calculator you can find out anytime of the day or night from the comfort of your own home what the approximate cost of our Architecture services or Design and Build services are. Helping you to make an informed choice about your next steps. We do not ask for any large payments up front. Our payments are transparent and divided into reasonable stages. As the work progresses you will make payments relating to the progression of the project. Our payments are broken down into manageable intervals, the payment schedule is produced once you go ahead with our services. We are local and we cover London and Hertfordshire, this is a major advantage for the smooth running and delivery of your project as we are local to you. We cover an 85 mile radius from our base in Finchley, London N3. We have in-depth knowledge of the London and Hertfordshire area for architecture, survey, loft conversions or home extensions design and build. In short there are 10 stages of the design and build process. Starting with a contact, consultation, quote, full survey, planning permission drawings, building regulation drawings, structural calculation drawings, party wall agreements and construction. Lccl Construction is one of the  leading construction companies in North London,construction companies in London and construction companies in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. We are a specialist loft conversion company, house extension builders, design and build company London. With our architecture services, design and build solutions we are able to deliver any type of loft conversion, house extension, both in the London and Hertfordshire areas. At Lccl Construction we have carried out many design and build loft conversions and house extension projects in London, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. We design and build London loft conversions turning them into beautiful spaces. Our aim is to make the process of house extensions or loft conversions as simple as possible, hassle free and stress free for a loft conversion in London and house extension in London. Some of the customers that live in London and Hertfordshire are looking for extra space due to a growing family or the need for additional space for a home office or some like to invest in their property. Whatever the reason we design and build loft conversions in North London, London and Hertfordshire.

Google Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (23 total ratings)

Jette B
5 Star
We are very glad that we made the decision to have LCCL construction design and build our kitchen extension and our loft conversion. From the outset the service was efficient and professional. The team were able to answer all of our questions and kept us informed and up to date with progress this was the case during the architectural stages and also consistently throughout the build. Our build actually ended up finishing ahead of schedule and all the details were well attended to by all employees. LCCL helped us out with sourcing the kitchen, bathroom and other finishing touches too.
Tuesday 2nd January 2024
Eva Hall
5 Star
Extension built by LCCL Construction. We have just recently completed our ground floor house extension on our semi-detached home in Finchley. The services we used were for the design and build of the extension which is three meters and the full breadth of the back of the house. We also added a new patio outside the new extension and some landscaping in the garden. The design was completed nice and quickly and everything was drawn up to our satisfaction. LCCL started the building works straight after all the design stuff was done. The building works took about three months and were completed faster than we had anticipated which was very good as we can now relax in our new space. We have been very impressed by the whole process and the quality of the finished build all the finishing touches were taken care of with careful attention to detail we were also happy with the pleasant and professional team.
Tuesday 9th April 2024
Steph Brooks
5 Star
We came to LCCL for a full house redesign and renovation after hearing great reviews online and through word of mouth. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. Because of the scale of the project we relied heavily on Alex and the team to provide recommendations and support throughout the decision making process and in checking the integrity for all of our decisions. The project was a real labour of love and LCCL put so much into making some really tricky small spaces work for us, and adding great storage and features to maximise the space. Our entire house is modernised and redesigned and it's hard to believe it's the same house! Thank you so much to the team, we now have an absolutely beautiful property in the perfect area!
Saturday 15th April 2023
Mills Taylor
5 Star
We are very happy with the services from Lccl, Alex has done a great job on design and construction. We have used Lccl in the past for our rear house extension and have come back to instruct Lccl for our loft conversion too to our house in North London. As before we are very happy with the services from Lccl and we highly recommend their design and construction services for both home extension or loft conversion including both design and build services.
Thursday 28th December 2023
family Galichet
5 Star
We did a 3x10m extension with LCCL recently. It was scheduled to take 12 weeks to complete but we are ahead of schedule (finished in 10). This is down to Alex’s experience and agile management of different specialists involved. You may argue you can possibly find a cheaper builder to do the work, but you can’t always guarantee the quality, the harmony between the workmen, and the seriousness of your builders. With Alex, you know no corners will be cut: your house won’t fall down in 100 years, it will be warm, it will be waterproof, and it will look nice and make you (and Alex himself) feel proud of the job. I would work with LCCL again if I ever build anything else.
Sunday 10th December 2023