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Osborne Richway is a specialist loft conversion company in Bromley. A loft conversion is a fantastic addition to any home in the Bromley area. Being so close to London, Bromley is a great area to live in but the housing market is not without expense.

Due to the above average house prices, moving house is not always a cost-effective way to gain the extra space that you need for your family. It may be that your current home is just no longer suitable after having more children or having an elderly relative come to live with you.

There is no need to have to pay out for movers, solicitors and stamp duty. Instead, you can stay in the Bromley area, in the same house in the same school catchment area without the stress of having to pack your belongings or meet new neighbours.

Your current home may not be suitable for a traditional extension due to exterior space or planning consents. With a loft conversion in Bromley, you can generate the extra space that you need using space that already exists within your home.

Add life to your loft

The loft is usually seen as a ‘dead space’ suitable only for boxes of junk, old toys and Christmas decorations. In actual fact, your old loft can be given a new lease of life by a tailor-made loft conversion, designed especially for you.

A loft conversion can make use of the space that is already there with a velux design, or it can be made larger through the addition of a dormer extension.

Planning consent for loft conversions in Bromley will usually be dependent on where you live in Bromley (e.g. is your area a conservation area) and what type of design you choose, with dormers being visible from the exterior of your home. A velux extension will look virtually no different apart from the window in the roof.

Our team of dedicated professional loft conversion specialists will be able to advise you on what type of extension will be most suitable for your space.

Loft conversion specialists Bromley

A new, tailor-made loft extension will take around seven weeks to complete once work has started. This will be a little disruptive to your daily life, but nowhere near as disruptive as moving house. The legal process of buying and selling a property with no chains involved takes a minimum of 12 weeks, with no guarantee of completion until the exchange of contracts has taken place.

Unlike Scotland, buyers and sellers in the UK are able to pull out of a purchase right down to the wire, meaning that buying and selling property can be potentially very costly if it doesn’t go to plan. This is all the more reason to consider a loft conversion if your desire to move house is based solely upon the need for more space.

A completed loft conversion, if done properly by a reputable loft conversion specialist like Osborne Richeay Lofts can fit almost seamlessly into your home. An experienced builder with years of experience in loft conversions can reconfigure your living space so that you’ll forget that the staircase up to your loft conversion is a new addition to your home.

The new staircase element is something that worries homeowners and can often put them off the idea of having a loft conversion. Some people ask if it’s possible to have a pull-down ladder fitted instead – it isn’t. It wouldn’t be safe in the event of an emergency, it’s against buildings and fire regulations and it would be a pain for day to day living. All loft conversions require a fitted staircase, but that’s why you consult the professionals!

Loft conversion Bromley

A good design is crucial for your loft conversion to work as it should in your home. A good design that works in the space and is fully functional will add value to your home. A decent level of headspace is required for your loft conversion to work. There is no point in having a good-looking loft conversion if you can’t stand up in it and therefore can’t use it for its intended purpose.

With the right design, your loft conversion (depending on the available space) could create one or two bedrooms or even a bedroom with a luxury en-suite.  Other people have used their loft conversions as offices, darkrooms and even games rooms. If you are planning to run a business from your new loft conversion, you may need to apply for a ‘change of use’ but your local Bromley planning office will be able to advise you further on what actions you need to take before building works can begin.

Reputable loft conversion companies

One thing that you definitely need to be sure of is that your new loft conversion is totally safe. By using a reputable loft conversions specialist like Osborne Richway Lofts, you can rest assured that all works will be regulated by up to date buildings and fire regulations. We are experts in our field and know exactly what to do to make sure that your new loft conversion meets all relevant standards to make it safe for you and your loved ones to use day in day out.

Whenever you get a quote for a loft conversion, be sure that you are consulting only with specialists in the building trade. Experts who are well experienced, well-reviewed online by real customers and who have a clear understanding of all health and safety guidelines. At Osborne Richway Lofts, we take pride in making sure that our work in your home would be to the same standard as any work that we would have done in our own homes.

If you are searching for loft conversion specialists in Bromley, look no further than Osborne Richway Lofts. We will meet all of your loft conversion needs in the Bromley area.

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Kimberlee Bland
5 Star
Scott Osborne has been at the forefront of the building trade in Bromley for decades, and is both liked and extremely well respected. When he partnered with Tom Richardson (Richway Lofts) to form Osborne Richway the dream team was complete. They create the best loft conversions Bromley has, and do the best building work as well. If you want to hire real solid professionals, these are your guys.
Friday 1st March 2019