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Windham house, Camden Way, Chislehurst BR7 5HT, UK

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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of Windham house, Camden Way, Chislehurst BR7 5HT, UK
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Chislehurst is one of the most desirable areas to live in South East London. Originally a Kentish parish, Chislehurst retains its village feel whilst having all the perks you would expect of living in the city, such as outstanding transport links to central London. Because Chislehurst is such a desirable location, house prices are well above the national average, and in many cases, well above average compared to prices in South East London overall. It is for this reason that many Chislehurst homeowners are choosing to extend their properties rather than pay over the odds to move to a larger property within the local area.

A loft extension is a surprisingly cost-effective way to add additional living space to your home. Any construction work that adds space to a property is bound to add capital value to your home. It may be that whatever you spend on an extension to your property adds more to the equity within your home than the cost of the extension itself. This is particularly true of the Chislehurst area due to its popularity and constant demand for larger properties, meaning that any money you spend on your home is a sensible financial investment that will not only benefit your family now but will also benefit you in the future if you do ever decide to relocate. A small re-mortgage could really change the amount of space you have for your growing family, without having to worry about the stress of moving home.

A loft conversion is a surprisingly quick solution to your extension requirements. Unlike a traditional extension, where the footprint of your home needs to be altered, the space already exists above your head. The space that will be created will come from a previously underused area that is usually reserved for storage. You’ll be amazed at what can be created from what has traditionally been seen as a ‘dead’ space that we rarely consider. It also gives you a good excuse to have a clear out of all the junk that you’ve been hoarding for years!

There are many different types of loft conversion, and an experienced and reputable builder will be able to advise you on what will work best with the space that you have. Even if it doesn’t seem like you have much space in your Chislehurst loft, an expert will be able to see exactly what your options are. This might include making additional space in your loft through the use of a dormer. A dormer loft conversion will be visible externally, and you may notice that some of your neighbours have dormer conversions if you look up at their roof space. An expert with a specialism in loft conversion can make sure that your dormer loft extension blends seamlessly into your roof space, so it enhances your property rather than creating an obvious eyesore.

A loft conversion is a fantastic solution if you are looking to upgrade your current living space in your Chislehurst property.

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